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What i've been doing

2017-07-17 01:52:47 by coco34

this is my youtube:

just me and other 13 year old plebs


most likely leaving for good

2017-05-31 20:27:44 by coco34

for once im serious and not being a shitbag wanting attention

i found i like the madness cimmunity i fit in best with

but over the years all my friends in it have left

(here's a list to name a few)@madnesia19, tiny air man and tails buddy

so this is most likely goodbye

i will 100% come back if i get back into animation

My late birthday

2016-09-30 05:43:29 by coco34

2 days ago was my birthday



2016-08-28 17:32:35 by coco34

My birthday is coming up but i feel to lazy to do anything

don't make me anything or do i really don't care

pretty soon im gonna turn 3 on newgrounds


2016-07-09 19:15:24 by coco34

i have learned to animate!

the project im working on is:

"the Hill"


2016-06-17 18:41:38 by coco34

one of my friends are live streaming go check it out

Another one

2016-06-04 20:16:55 by coco34

you guys may remember a couple of months ago annetabby436 made a GoAnimate rant about me well guess what?

she made another:

honestly my Content is better than her's and i don't make much content


Madness combat dubbing

2016-05-18 04:09:30 by coco34

(only comment for what you want me to dub)

im doing dubbing

send me comic strips and i will do them

Duck game server

2016-05-07 20:33:20 by coco34

im hosting a duck game server

4 players max

teams off

no boosters

i forgot about my twiiter

check it out:

btw my steam name is xXGreyDaysXx

Edit:it's no closed

Im board

2016-04-28 06:11:34 by coco34

send me art requests i have nothing better to do