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my return

2014-11-07 04:56:08 by coco34









2014-11-04 14:53:56 by coco34

why did you guys blam it

uploaded a new movie

2014-11-03 20:18:44 by coco34

sad news :(

2014-11-02 19:31:41 by coco34

nope no bad news

not banned! ( it was a joke )

also watch this

User Banned

2014-11-02 00:22:23 by coco34

Ban expires in 5 days

Why:insultive message

2 days wasted

2014-10-30 16:08:48 by coco34

i finished the animation but youtube and newgrounds don't accept fla

fan art!

2014-10-30 05:12:56 by coco34

animation coming up

2014-10-29 17:00:47 by coco34

it will be called the fight and it will be my first time animating

it will be realeased in 20 minutes


movie update

2014-10-27 04:57:08 by coco34

the name will be:brothers of madness

also who would like to be in it?





can only fit 1 more on first person to say "can i join" you will be in it

name vote

2014-10-23 16:49:26 by coco34

saints of madness:0 votes

brothers of madness:2 votes

your idea (write in comments a name for the series)