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Monthly voting once again

2016-01-01 17:05:48 by coco34

it's that time of the month


2015-12-06 16:11:04 by coco34

the christmas art is now easter

and it will be drawn in real life for all of 2016

1Heatfire the content robber

2015-10-22 16:59:38 by coco34

i know i do to much about 1Heatfire

this will be the last one for a while

on his youtube account he has been stealing people's animations

he has taken:AMA3 Animated Preview @madnesia19 evidence:

he has also taken:madseth (full series) and Mafia madness (i think full series) evidence:

and there is more stolen stuff

channel link:

this is at you @1Heatfire

someone has dropped

2015-10-18 17:20:00 by coco34

Recently i blocked 1Heatfire ( that dickbag ) because he kept sending me spam

then he makes a alt and says me and all my friends should commit sucide

Yay again :D

2015-10-01 07:45:49 by coco34

just did more monthly voting

for the best of september

Content theft

2015-09-30 19:00:23 by coco34

well great someone is trying to look cool by trying to make someone look stupid but then failing to do that

so first he takes 2 of my leaving posts and that is content theft because he did it without permission

then he gives us something we can't read

and lastly he gives us a crappy drawing of me saying i need revenge

Revenge on what?

so this is a picture with evidence that he commited content theft

please flag this


2015-09-30 02:30:25 by coco34

You know what F



                         K IT

i could not stay long away

newgrounds is where i belong

Last farewell

2015-09-26 17:49:07 by coco34



2015-09-24 22:43:40 by coco34

i have no point on newgrounds so im leaving :(

Well it's that stage

2015-09-13 03:42:31 by coco34

im in the stage of haters

also i kind of want some haters

if you think about it let's say you were a youtuber

and someone was hating in the comment

you just getting a comment you can delete and a free view

i got a hater who rants through Goanimate

called annetabby436

kind of rant towards me:

rant towards me: