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2015-09-08 18:42:36 by coco34

im just board and have nothing to do

so im just gonna do a Q&A because it will give me something to do

in the next post i will awnser ( i don't think i spelt that right ) most of the questions

New profile picture

2015-07-06 20:59:05 by coco34

Nothing to special

but i upgraded from old to new

the person who made it:

@Solwings Thanks for the profile picture it took forever to get it working


2015-07-01 07:36:49 by coco34

i just did some voting for best of june

gonna be dead

2015-06-01 02:11:27 by coco34

im gonna be busy for a week or 2

i will be on but i won't do much

because im working on brothers of madness ( tests )

the new backround is causing me to stay

Im leaving

2015-04-23 04:08:42 by coco34

yes im leaving

newgrounds has been great

but the community are just harsh

and i can't do much

i can't even upload paint art works ( i might stay if people teach me how to upload microsoft paint artworks )

2015-04-22 03:16:13 by coco34

The Return

2015-04-09 07:19:54 by coco34

Hey Guys im back from Sydney!

I have missed your all and newgrounds a lot

Happy LATE Easter to you all!


Bye Guys!

2015-03-30 19:36:05 by coco34

No,im not leaving newgrounds

but i am going on holidays for a whole week

and i will miss all your arts,posts,uncommon short movies( sorry but i had to say that ) and replies to my posts

it would really help if i could have some "welcome back" art and maybe even a movie to get me glad to be back looking at all your arts and getting back into the newgrounds settings.And yes i will rate 5 and fav them

Thanks for reading!



2015-03-16 03:36:29 by coco34

so i was thinking i should start asking you guys a question per week so that's the update

if madness day was in 2 hours and you have not made anything for it what would you do?