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Another one

2016-06-04 20:16:55 by coco34

you guys may remember a couple of months ago annetabby436 made a GoAnimate rant about me well guess what?

she made another:

honestly my Content is better than her's and i don't make much content



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2016-06-04 21:45:06

@CuteAbortion Shut the f*ck up. Stop telling people what to do. If Coco don´t want to animate that´s his desition.

coco34 responds:

Go animate is a fucking terrible thing to use
i have seen people make better with scratch


2016-06-04 21:50:37

@CuteAbortion Oh, sorry then. I feel kind of ashamed now X3


2016-06-05 04:51:17

What is it's newgrounds account ?

coco34 responds:

holy hell this was hard to find


2016-06-05 04:52:43

Also, why it made this ?