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Entry #62

most likely leaving for good

2017-05-31 20:27:44 by coco34

for once im serious and not being a shitbag wanting attention

i found i like the madness cimmunity i fit in best with

but over the years all my friends in it have left

(here's a list to name a few)@madnesia19, tiny air man and tails buddy

so this is most likely goodbye

i will 100% come back if i get back into animation


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2017-05-31 20:43:03

You mean you ARE coming back when you... Get back into Animating? You're not going away just LIKE that, right?

coco34 responds:

Don't know
i went silent for ages
my macromedia messed up on me and i quit for ages
i may do it again though


2017-05-31 20:52:48

Damn... That sounds really bad... And all of your Teammates left you? Man... I kind of don't like people that just ditch you for no reason... Or unless they're Busy with life or have a Girlfriend or whatever they do...

coco34 responds:

idk about tiny airman
but tails buddy left for mental reasons


2017-05-31 21:21:12

Who said I left?

coco34 responds:

you didn't?
i have not seen any thing from you
newgrounds most likely glitched


2017-06-01 09:31:18

If I ever leave the Madness Community, I would make a goodbye post for it


2017-06-02 06:30:29

lel kek, I quit making madness stuff ages ago, I just sucked. So I went on to make music instead. Km8 bye.


2017-10-07 07:09:33

I hope you come back, because it's fun to do something.

coco34 responds:

I thought you left man


2017-10-08 05:29:06

I'm always here, do not think I've disappeared.